who we are

We are an active Canadian venture capital company Alborz Venture Capitals Inc., with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. We are a team that invests in the passion and potential of entrepreneurs and is made up of successful Business Consultants, MBAs, CPAs, and science specialists.

Our investment process is built on developing a solid model of success and flourishing. With their owners’ aspirations, inventions, and never-ending efforts, our ventures are ready to go above and beyond.

AVC is not only about funding; we also provide extensive mentorship, coaching, and teamwork to create a bright future for all stakeholders. Our ventures have no choice but to be successful taking advantage of the pool of elite talents working in our firm. From the due diligence process to going public, our firm supports your venture.

We are certain that our investment funds are meant to launch your ideas and deploy your talents given the remarkable history of our partners’ and board of advisors’ success in their prior enterprises.

We are here to fulfill your wishes; we are here for you!

What We Do

To fill the void between inspiration and aspiration is our goal. We support Start-Ups by providing them with strategic investment, in-depth mentoring, and a broad global network, fostering creativity and sustainability.

Our Mission

We are here to make a difference; to live a difference. Our goal is to enable forward-thinking businesspeople to make the world a better place. We're dedicated to fostering creativity, advancing green technology, and creating a better future for everyone.

Our Vision

We see a world where ambition and zeal flourish, where technology and innovation act as catalysts for a more sustainable and interconnected future. We observe a group of businesspeople working together to create a better tomorrow for all.

Why Us

We provide more than just money. We offer practical advice, cross-disciplinary knowledge, and a supportive ecosystem. Our commitment to your success extends beyond monetary gain; we also open doors and develop relationships that put you on the path to greatness.